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Torchwood Funnies!

They're here!

Torchwood Funnies
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Torchwood. They hunt aliens. And pull faces.
Every organisation needs to let its hair down.

Torchwood is no exception.

This site is dedicated to the funny side of the serious TW branch located in Cardiff.
abaddon, acting, alien, alien technology, aliens, angst, apocalypse, ashley way, bbc, bbc three, bbc3, billis, bisexual, brian kelly, burn gorman, calling people sir, captain jack, captain jack harkness, captains, cardiff, caroline chikezie, chris chibnall, coffee, combat, comedy, cyberwoman, david tennant, diane holmes, dimensions, doctor owen harper, doctor who, dr owen harper, dr who, drama, end of days, episode, episodes, eugene jones, eve myles, everything changes, fan fiction, fanfiction, fiction, gareth david-lloyd, gay, ghost machine, greatcoats, greeks bearing gifts, gwen cooper, headings, hub, ianto, ianto jones, ianto/gwen, icons, images, indira varma, jack harkness, jack/everyone, jack/gwen, jack/ianto, jack/owen, jack/tosh, james strong, janto, john barrowman, kai owen, laughs, lesbian, lisa hallett, louise delamere, moods, murray melvin, myfanwy, naoko mori, out of time, owen harper, owen/gwen, owen/ianto, owen/tosh, pairings, parallel dimensions, parallel worlds, paranormal, pc andy, pc gwen cooper, pictures, pj hammond, poetry, pterodactyl, random shoes, relationships, rhys williams, rift, rifts, role play, role playing, role playing games, rpg, rpg's, rpgers, rpgs, russell t davies, sci fi, sci-fi, science fiction, science-fiction, series, sex, sexy, slash, small worlds, space, spin-off, stopwatches, str8, supernatural, suzie costello, tailored suits, tardis, team, television, telly, the beeb, the doctor, the hub, the pterodactyl, the tardis, the torchwood institute, time, time and space, timelord, timelords, tom price, torchwood, torchwood 3, torchwood cardiff, torchwood four, torchwood one, torchwood three, torchwood two, tosh/gwen, tosh/ianto, toshiko sato, tv, tw, ufo, ufos, weevil, weevils